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Each online course is compiled of four different levels. If you are new to Chinese, start with the Beginner Course Series (each series is compiled of 30 lessons). After taking this course, you will learn everything you need to hold a basic conversation with a native speaker.


If you have taken beginner’s Chinese but have trouble understanding others as well as expressing yourself clearly in Chinese, start with the Intermediate Course Series.


If you begin to contemplate how grammar rules and sentence structures are applied differently in various situations, even though you can get your ideas across very well. Take the Advanced Course Series.


If you consider yourself to be fluent in Chinese but sometimes still find it difficult to understand based on the topics, take the Movie Course Series. Through watching movies and studying with this course series, you will learn about the Chinese pop-culture and idiomatic phrases.

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Our Passion is to teach practical and conversational Chinese that is spoken every day in a fun and professional approach, with our BIAM track and task-based language teaching method.

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