早晨!(dao' sen*)  Good morning!

你喊麼名啊?(nei' ham' mod- mieng*- a')  What's your name?  

翻工莫?(fan' gung' mok>)  Going to work?

翻學莫?(fan' hok^ mok>)  Going to school?

最近幾浩啊?(dui' gin^ gei- hao>- a')  How are you doing lately?

幾好。(gei- hao-)  It's quite good.

多謝,(uo' die^)  Thank you.

唔該。(ng* goi')  Thank you (for a service). 



Food (basic)

白飯 (bag^ fan^-)  White Rice

筷子 (fai' du-)  chopsticks

紙巾 (zi- gin'-)  tissue/napkin

碟 (ieb'-)  n. plate


一碗白飯 (yit- won- bag^ fan^-)  a bowl of white rice

一雙筷子 (yit- song' fai' du-)  a pair of chopsticks

一張紙巾 (yit- zoeng' ji- gin'-)  a napkin*

Nouns in Chinese have specific classifiers (such as the "pair", "cup" and "piece") based on different categories.

點菜 (iem- coi')  order food/dish (literally means "order vegetables")

我想要… (ngoi' lhieng- yieu')  I want to have…

我想要點菜。(ngoi' lhieng- yieu' iem- coi')  I want to order dishes.

我想要一碗白飯。(ngoi' lhieng- yieu' yit- won- bag^ fan^)  I want to have a bowl of white rice.


If you are nostalgic and ambitious …

煲仔饭 (bao' zoi- fan^)  Stone Bowl Rice

鹹魚蒸豬肉 (ham* ngui> zen' zyu' ngug^)  Steamed Salted Fish with Minced Pork

白灼瀨尿蝦 (bag^  qieg- lai^ niao^ ha>)  Broiled Mantis Shrimp


Maybe you want to prepare this for the upcoming Mother's Day…



唐人街 (hong* ngin* gai>)  Chinatown

孔子大廈 (hung- du- ai^ ha^)  Confucius Plaza

餅屋 (bieng- ug-)  bakery

超市 (qieu' si>-)  supermarket

我去超市。(ngoi' hui' qieu' si>-) I go to the supermarket.

我要去超市。(ngoi' yieu' hui' qieu' si>-) I need to go to the supermarket.

我去緊超市。(ngoi' hui' gin- qieu' si>-) I am going to the supermarket.


我唔去超市。(ngoi' ng* hui' qieu' si>-) I don' t go to the supermarket.

我唔要去超市。(ngoi' ng* yieu' hui' qieu' si>-) I don’t need/want to go to the supermarket.

我唔係去緊超市。(ngoi' ng* hai^ hui' gin- qieu' si>-)  I am not going to the supermarket.


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