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InspirLang offers integrated and customized curriculums for students who are looking for private lessons (one-on-one or group) in New York City, online lessons, or corporate partnerships. Students will be able to develop the specific Chinese language skills tailored to their own needs. Each lesson will be 90 minutes of duration.


Our Methodology

Private Lessons

Great for anyone with a busy schedule, a specific goal or those who learn best with one-on-one attention. Private lessons are available in both one-on-one and group formats. 

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Online | Skype

Online lessons are designed for students who are not living in NYC or those who are not able to attend onsite sessions. Lessons will be conducted via Skype where it fits your schedule.

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Partnership | Corporate

InspirLang customizes Chinese language training for your specific business needs in the global workforce. Sessions can be conducted in your business organization.  

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Private | Group | Online | Corporate

All courses are designed to meet your specific academic, communication, or business needs to apply Chinese with a practical approach.

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