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At InspirLang, we implement TBLT, an unconventional and innovative communicative language teaching method recognized by established scholars in the foreign language field.

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What is TBLT?

TBLT, task-based Language Teaching, or TBI, Task-based instruction, focuses on students’ performances of meaning-based and communicative tasks to reach language learning goals and needs by using the target language.


  • TBLT is the most authentic approach to acquire the language usage and retain in student’s memory
  • Meaningful tasks engage students to challenge linguistically
  • TBLT prepares students for a real-world situation of applying the target language.

How can TBLT be applied in Chinese lessons?

In one-on-one or group lessons, instructors would ask students to perform a specific tasks related to the topic of the lesson in a real-world scenario, such as:

  1. Using ordinal numbers and verbs learned in a lesson to describe cooking procedures in a recipe for a holiday potluck
  2. Using terminologies related to mobile cellulars learned in a lesson to convince a potential client coming into the store to purchase the most lucrative plan

What are the evaluations of TBLT?

  1. A task involves a primary focus on (pragmatic) meaning.
  2. A task has some kind of ‘gap’ (Prabhu identified the three main types as information gap, reasoning gap, and opinion gap).
  3. The participants choose the linguistic resources needed to complete the task.
  4. A task has a clearly defined, non-linguistic outcome

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At InspirLang, with our communicative application of the most recognizable teaching method, TBLT, students gain readiness to speak and use Chinese in a real-world situation.