Katherine Cheung

Hi, this is Katherine. I was born and raised in Hong Kong. Coming to New York 7 years ago allows me to see this melting pot with all the different cultures. I like to teach Cantonese because this is mainly my native language and I like the way it sounds colloquially. I believe that watching TVB drama can also help learners to improve Cantonese. I love watching Cantonese movies as well, especially the ones with Stephy Tang and Alex Fong. I learned Mandarin both in Hong Kong and New York for more than 8 years. I love Chinese calligraphy because I like the way it looks and it is like an art to me. My Fuzhouese is fine too since I was born in a Fuzhouese family. Please feel free to speak Fuzhouese to me if that is more comfortable to you! I learned French for one year and found it pretty hard to pronounce some words. So do not mind my limited conversational French. Learning a new language is definitely not easy, but it really depends on how much practice and effort you put in!  Keep practicing it so you won't forget!

I love to travel. My dream is to go to Paris, and then Britain one day 🙂

Katherine Cheung

Katherine's calligraphy done in Epcot, Orlando