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Lifetime access to our podcast course episodes 101 – 150. Learn Cantonese every day for 2 minutes with our mini podcast lessons. Free episodes are available on Episodes 1 – 50. Episodes in this course series will be continuing to update until Episode 150.
Section 1Days 101 - 110
Lecture 1Day 101: My new book is released
Lecture 2Day 102: Have you seen my cellphone?
Lecture 3Day 103: I would like to switch channel Free Preview

channel = 臺 (toi4) 
Channel TVB = 翡翠臺 (fei2-ceoi3 toi4) 
Channel TVB Pearl = 明珠臺 (ming4-zyu1 toi4) 
Channel 13 = 13臺 (sap6-saam1 toi4) 
I want to watch Channel TVB Pearl.
(ngo5 soeng2 tai2 ming4-zyu1-toi4)
to switch channel = 轉臺 (zyun3-toi4) 
Dad, I want to switch channel.
(lou5-dau6, ngo5 soeng2 zyun3-toi4) 
fun to watch; entertaining = 好睇 (hou2-tai2) 
What is fun to watch on this channel?
(ni1-go3 toi4 jau5 me1 hou2-tai2?)
(bo3) 播 to play; to air
What is this channel airing?
(ni1-go3 toi4 bo3 gan2 me1) 
program = 節目 (zit3-muk6) 
When is this show going to air?
(ni1-go3 zit3-muk6 gei2-si4 bo3)
commercial; ads = 廣告 (gwong2-gou3) 
This channel is not entertaining, and plus there are many commercials. I want to switch channel.
(ni1-go3 toi4 m4 hou2-tai2, zung6 jau5 hou2-do1 gwong2-gou3. Ngo5 soeng2 zyun3-toi4)



Lecture 4Day 104: I would like to apply for a loan
Lecture 5Day 105: Following the instructions on your prescription label
Lecture 6Day 106: What do you do in your office?
Lecture 7Day 107: “Unable to…” in Cantonese Free Preview

to see = 睇 (tai2)  
can’t see = 睇唔到 (tai2-m4-dou2) 
I can’t see that it’s raining.
(ngo5 tai2-m4-dou2 lok6-jyu5 wo6)
to listen; to hear = 聽 (teng1)
It’s so noisy here, I can’t hear what you are saying.
(ni1-dou6 hou2 cou4, ngo5 teng1-m4-dou2 nei5 gong2 me1 aa6)
to write = 寫 (se2)  
not able to write = 寫唔到 (se2-m4-dou2) 
(I) can’t write with this pen.
(ni1-zi1 bat1 se2-m4-dou2)
to open = 開 (hoi1)  
This box is too tight, I can’t open it.
(ni1-go3 hap2 taai3 gan2 laa6, ngo5 hoi1-m4-dou2)
to accept = 接受 (zip3-sau6) 
The salary for this job is so little, I can’t accept it.
(ni1-fan6-gung1 ge3 jan4-gung1 gam3-siu2, ngo5 zip3-sau6-m4-dou2)
requirement  = 要求 (jiu1-kau4) 
My boss has very high standards; I can’t do it.
(ngo5 lou5-baan2 jiu1-kau4 gam3 gou1, ngo5 zou6-m4-dou2)
Lecture 8Day 108: What are the ingredients in my food?
Lecture 9Day 109: How to comfort someone in Cantonese
Lecture 10Day 110: Talking to your Airbnb host in Hong Kong
Section 2Days 111 - 120
Lecture 11Day 111: Finding what you want in a Cantonese supermarket
Lecture 12Day 112: Picking up your kindergartener from Cantonese school
Lecture 13Day 113: Calling an Taxi in Hong Kong
Lecture 14Day 114: Scheduling an appointment in Cantonese
Lecture 15Day 115: Asking your friend for Cantonese drama recommendations
Lecture 16Day 116: Getting reimbursement from your Cantonese boss
Lecture 17Day 117: Cantonese doctor asking about your recovery
Lecture 18Day 118: Asking to change your address in Cantonese
Lecture 19Day 119: “Can you turn the AC lower” in Cantonese
Lecture 20Day 120: “Did you vote today” in Cantonese
Section 3Days 121 - 130
Lecture 21Day 121: Discounts Conversion in Cantonese
Lecture 22Day 122: How do you study Cantonese?
Lecture 23Day 123: What calendars do Chinese people look at?
Lecture 24Day 124: “Which investment is riskier” in Cantonese
Lecture 25Day 125: “What skincare products do you use” in Cantonese
Lecture 26Day 126: What are your new year’s resolutions for 2019?
Lecture 27Day 127: Asking about the compensation package at a Cantonese job interview
Lecture 28Day 128: Comparing different accommodations when traveling
Lecture 29Day 129: Why middle school teachers need to be treated better
Lecture 30Day 130: Meeting someone for the first time through a mutual friend
Section 4Days 131 - 140
Lecture 31Day 131: Where should I sign my name?
Lecture 32Day 132: Using decimals, percentages and fractions to describe the economy
Lecture 33Day 133: Having a discussion about the trade war with your Cantonese friends
Lecture 34Day 134: How will you know if it’s a Cantonese scammer or a person really in need?
Lecture 35Day 135: What’s the average temperature below zero degrees today
Lecture 36Day 136: Calling a Cantonese restaurant for food delivery
Lecture 37Day 137: You called the wrong number
Lecture 38Day 138: Hours, minutes, and seconds
Lecture 39Day 139: What you can’t do on Chinese New Year
Lecture 40Day 140: Do you have days off for the lunar new year?
Section 5Days 141- 150
Lecture 41Day 141: What do you do during meetings?
Lecture 42Day 142: Are you eating out with someone on Valentine’s Day?

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