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Lifetime access to our podcast course episodes 51 – 100. Learn Cantonese every day for 2 minutes with our mini podcast lessons. Free episodes are available on Episodes 1 – 50.
Section 1Days 51 - 60
Lecture 1Day 51: Free Cantonese class in NYC 
Lecture 2Day 52 : How to ask directions
Lecture 3Day 53: Happy thanksgiving!
Lecture 4Day 54: Black Friday
Lecture 5Day 55: I am looking for...
Lecture 6Day 56: ... is boring
Lecture 7Day 57: I feel stressed
Lecture 8Day 58: Family members
Lecture 9Day 59: Comparison
Lecture 10Day 60: Happy New Year!
Section 2Days 61 - 70
Lecture 11Day 61: Happy Chinese New Year
Lecture 12Day 62: Chinese New Year Glossary
Lecture 13Day 63: How to get seated in a Cantonese restaurant
Lecture 14Day 64: Happy Lantern Festival
Lecture 15Day 65: No need to...
Lecture 16Day 66: Learn to Sing "Hei Foon Nei"(I like you) for Valentine's Day
Lecture 17Day 67: How to say different colors
Lecture 18Day 68: How to order food i
Lecture 19Day 69: I lost…
Lecture 20Day 70: Sample interview self-introduction
Section 3Days 71 - 80
Lecture 21Day 71: Renting space for a restaurantFree Preview

Day 71: Renting space for a restaurant
to rent = 租 (zou1)
place = 地方 (dei6 fong1)
I want to rent this place.
(ngo5 seong2 zou1 nei1 go3 dei6 fong1)
I want to rent this place for a restaurant.
(ngo5 soeng2 zou1 nei1 go3 dei6 fong1 zou6 caan1 gun2)
rent (amount) = 租金 (zou1 gam1)
one month = 一個月 (jat1 go3 jyut6)
What’s the monthly rent? = 一個月租金幾錢?
(jat1 go3 jyut6 zou1 gam1 gei2 cin2)
I don’t have enough money.
(ngo5 m4 gau3 cin2)
Lecture 22Day72: Cantonese Slang Phrases with food
Lecture 23Day 73: 7 Reasons of why you are late
Lecture 24Day 74: Happy Mother’s Day
Lecture 25Day 75: Seeing a Cantonese Doctor
Lecture 26Day 76: Getting an iced-coffee at a Chinese bakery
Lecture 27Day 77: How to say different dates in Cantonese
Lecture 28Day 78: What do you do on Father’s Day
Lecture 29Day 79: Please give me a pound of...
Lecture 30Day 80: How to talk to your Cantonese barber
Section 4Days 81 - 90
Lecture 31Day 81:  The use of 同 (tung4)
Lecture 32Day 82: The use of “so” in Cantonese
Lecture 33Day 83: What do you like to do during summer vacation
Lecture 34Day 84: “Or” in a statement vs. in a question
Lecture 35Day 85: how to purchase a bus ticket from Hong Kong to Guangzhou
Lecture 36Day 86: Mailing a package in the post office
Lecture 37Day 87: What’s in a Chinese bakery?
Lecture 38Day 88: Doing grocery shopping in Cantonese
Lecture 39Day 89: Getting around in the airport
Lecture 40Day 90: Ask out your crush in Cantonese
Section 5Days 91- 100
Lecture 41Day 91: 6 Tones in Cantonese
Lecture 42Day 92: Ranting in Cantonese
Lecture 43Day 93: Happy Mid-autumn Festival!
Lecture 44Day 94: Can I borrow your… to use?
Lecture 45Day 95: Giving souvenirs to your Cantonese friends
Lecture 46Day 96: “Merry Christmas” in Cantonese
Lecture 47Day 97: Family Photos in Cantonese
Lecture 48Day 98: Happy Year of Dog!
Lecture 49Day 99: What to say when you visit relatives for Chinese New Year
Lecture 50Day 100: What is affected by the heavy snow?

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