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Section 1Days 1- 10
Lecture 1Day 1: How to say one’s career
Lecture 2Day 2: I am doing...
Lecture 3Day 3: He/she has two...
Lecture 4Day 4: How to get to...
Lecture 5Day 5: What do you like to do?
Lecture 6Day 6: Where are you from?
Lecture 7Day 7: Why do you want to learn Cantonese
Lecture 8Day 8: How’s your day today?
Lecture 9Day 9: What do you like to eat?
Lecture 10Day 10: What is your name?
Section 2Days 11 - 20
Lecture 11Day 11: What did you eat for lunch?
Lecture 12Day 12: What’s your favorite...
Lecture 13Day 13: How to give compliments
Lecture 14Day 14: How to apologize in Cantonese
Lecture 15Day 15: I want to buy...
Lecture 16Day 16” How to negate
Lecture 17Day 17: My first dim sum event is opened to anyone who is interested
Lecture 18Day 18: Future tense in Cantonese
Lecture 19Day 19: I am very happy today
Lecture 20Day 20: Numbers 1 to 5
Section 3Days 21 - 30
Lecture 21Day 21: The weather today is very nice
Lecture 22Day 22: Numbers 6 to 10
Lecture 23Day 23: Happy birthday
Lecture 24Day 24:  How to say “some”
Lecture 25Day 25: Days of the week
Lecture 26Day 26: My coffee tastes really good
Lecture 27Day 27: Numbers 10-20
Lecture 28Day 28: Days, months, and years
Lecture 29Day 29: Past, present, and future tenses
Lecture 30Day 30: Animals
Section 4Days 31 - 40
Lecture 31Days 31: Weathers
Lecture 32Day 32: Happy Halloween
Lecture 33Day 33: Yes and no
Lecture 34Day 34: When did you graduate
Lecture 35Day 35: Where do you work?
Lecture 36Day 36: Thank you
Lecture 37Day 37: It was fun
Lecture 38Day 38: What do you study
Lecture 39Day 39: I know how to…
Lecture 40Day 40: How to...
Section 5Days 41 -50
Lecture 41Day 41: Do you like...
Lecture 42Day 42: Can you help me?
Lecture 43Day 43: I am hungry
Lecture 44Day 44: Goodbye
Lecture 45Day 45: School
Lecture 46Day 46: How to say different languages in Cantonese
Lecture 47Day 47: Where is the bathroom?
Lecture 48Day 48: How to ask someone out
Lecture 49Day 49: How to describe appearance
Lecture 50Day 50: Why do you want to learn Cantonese

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