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Improve your Cantonese pronunciations by learning classic Cantonese songs! Click “Buy Course” to start learning today. Leave a comment below to request a lesson on a song you would like us to teach.
Section 1Welcome to the Free Course
Lecture 1情人 - Beyond
Lecture 2真的愛你 - Beyond
Lecture 3不要驚動愛情 - Sammie Cheng
Lecture 4海闊天空 - Beyond
Lecture 5月半小夜曲 - Pricilla Chan
Lecture 6紅日 - Hacken Lee
Lecture 7富士山下 – Eason Chan
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2 Responses

  1. Gordon Truong

    Hello, I am loving this series! Beyond is my favorite Cantonese music group. I am not fluent with the language, and I think the lesson structure is great for learning each verse.

    If you take requests, may I request 紅日 by Hacken Lee? Thank you.

    Kind regards,

  2. truonGGordon

    Hello, I noticed that less than one week after I had posted my previous comment, you uploaded a lesson on 紅日 as requested. I was able to learn and memorize the lyrics, and my family was impressed when I sang it for them. Thank you!

    When you have a chance, could you please consider 情深说话未曾讲 by Leon Lai?

    Kind regards,

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