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I have been taking Mandarin lessons with Jade for several months. She makes her lessons fun as well as informative. Jade is extremely conscientious; after each lesson she sends you an audio recording of what was covered, within 24 hours. I can highly recommend her.

Jade is awesome! I was worried when told that Cantonese is such a difficult language. Jade makes it fun yet challenging, I make progress every week learn new things while reviewing and retaining what I've learned in the previous weeks. I attended a class in NY at a language school and left very discouraged, private lessons were the answer! Jade is always prepared with written lesson outlines and audio lessons tailored to your session. She is always positive, pushing you to want to learn more!

I've been taking private tutoring lessons in Cantonese from InspirLang's Ms. Woo for about 9 months already. I have to say that I noticed a significant improvement in my Cantonese. I love how each lesson is custom made around a particular topic, to address an issue I have, or based on a request I made. I'm a believer in speaking the language to get better at it, so a decent amount of each lesson is centered around conversation. Ms. Woo even provides audio and a lesson transcript so it's really convenient and easy for me to go over what was taught and discussed from the lesson. The customization of each lesson definitely makes the language learning experience more personal and you become more invested in your development. I highly recommend Ms. Woo if you're looking into learning Chinese (Cantonese, Mandarin, or Taishanese)!

Jade has tutored me in mandarin and Cantonese for about half a year now. She is extremely professional and is a great teacher. She makes the learning fun.

Fun, cheery, and always prepared & professional!

As a beginner I had weekly Cantonese classes with Jade and she really helped me progress! Her classes are well planned and build on previous learning - including a good balance of new content and reviewing/practicing old lessons. I really enjoyed our lessons especially as she made them relevant to my life and real contexts. I feel much more confident and have a much better understanding of Cantonese now!

Overall, I've had a very positive experience with my private lessons. Katherine gears the lessons towards my needs and answers any questions that I have. She provides more insight than just the prepared lessons, improvising when necessary. Not only is the tutor is very knowledgeable in the subject area but also very wiling to share about the culture pertaining to the language. She has been always been professional, dedicated, patient, and helpful.

I really enjoy my tutoring sessions. I am finally constructing my own sentences. Jade is patient and encouraging. She tailored my lessons around my normal daily life, so my learning is not just "See Spot run..or 1,2,3....", but more interactive to my own activities, which gives the lessons a more personal connection. I've had 6 lessons thus far. Each lesson is followed by an audio and the written version of the session. I'm very happy with the work we're doing. Jade has excellent attention to detail and very easy going. I plan to continue my lessons with Jade (and soon Katherine) for long term.

I thoroughly enjoyed my lessons with Katherine, and I felt that I improved a lot in a short time. The lessons were personalized, engaging, and fun. Highly recommended!