Lesson Material: We will provide you the lesson material based on your level of proficiency and interest. You will also receive a revised script and audio that the tutor records on his/her own after each lesson for you to go over what you have learned during the lesson. Click here to view a sample lesson script and audio.

Location: Lessons usually take place at any cafes in midtown or downtown Manhattan. Accommodations can also be made between the tutor and the student.

Duration: Each lesson is about 1.5 hours.

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I've been taking private tutoring lessons in Cantonese from InspirLang's Ms. Woo for about 9 months already. I have to say that I noticed a significant improvement in my Cantonese. I love how each lesson is custom made around a particular topic, to address an issue I have, or based on a request I made. I'm a believer in speaking the language to get better at it, so a decent amount of each lesson is centered around conversation. Ms. Woo even provides audio and a lesson transcript so it's really convenient and easy for me to go over what was taught and discussed from the lesson. The customization of each lesson definitely makes the language learning experience more personal and you become more invested in your development. I highly recommend Ms. Woo if you're looking into learning Chinese (Cantonese, Mandarin, or Taishanese)!

Russell M.

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