Day 115: Asking your friend for Cantonese drama recommendations


(din6-si6) 電視 tv

(din6-si6 kek6) 電視劇 tv drama

(zeoi3-gan6) 最近 recently

(hou2-tai2) 好睇 fun to watch

(zeoi6-gan6 jau5 me1 din6-si6 kek6 hou2-tai2?)


What TV dramas lately are fun to watch?


(zeoi6-gan6 fei2-ceoi3 toi4 jau5 me1 din6-si6 kek6 hou2-tai2?)


What TV dramas on TVB lately are fun to watch?


(zeoi3-gan6 jau5 me1 san1-ge3 din6-si6 kek6)


What are some of the new TV dramas lately?


(ceot1) 出 to release; to come out


(zeoi3-gan6 ceot1-zo2 me1 san1-ge3 din6-si6 kek6)

What are some of the new TV dramas that came out recently?


(ping4-fan1) 評分 review; rate

(ni1-ceot1 din6-si6 kek6 ping4-fan1 dim2 aa3?)


How is the review for this TV drama?


(tou3) 套 / (ceot1) 齣 = classifier for dramas and movie. Similar to “series” in English

(zaap6) 集 episode


Episode 12 is very good.

Day 116: Getting reimbursement from your Cantonese boss


(sai2) 使 / (jung6) 用 to spend

(wut6-dung6) 活動 event

(soeng6-ci3 gung1-si1 jau5 wut6-dung6, ngo5 sai2-zo2 ng5-sap6-cat1 man1)


There was an event last time at the company, and I spent $57.


(jung6-lei4 maai5) 用來買... spend it on buying...

(ngo5 jung6-lei4 maai5 hei3-seoi2, syu4-pin2, tung4 gou1-dim2)


I spent it on soda, chips, and pastries.


(lou2-baan2) 老闆 / (lou2-sai3) 老細 boss

(bou3-siu1) 報銷 to reimburse

(lou5-sai3, ho2-m4-ho2-ji5 bou3-siu1?) 老細,可唔可以報銷?

Boss, can I reimburse?


(faat3-piu3) 發票 receipt

(jat1-zoeng1 faat3-piu3) 一張發票 one receipt

(ni1-zoeng1 hai6 ngo5-ge3 faat3-piu3) 呢張係我嘅發票。

This is my receipt.


(lo2)攞 to take; to get

(gei2-noi6) 幾耐 how long

(jiu3 gei2-noi6 ho2-ji5 lo2?) 要幾耐可以攞?

How long does it take to get (the money)?




Day 113: Calling an Taxi in Hong Kong


(Faai3-dik1 Taxi) 快的Taxi a transportation network company in Hong Kong that’s similar to Uber


(si1-gei1) 司機 driver

(sing4-haak3) 乘客 passenger


(cin4-min6) 前面 in front of

(hau6-min6) 後面 on the back

(zo2-bin1) 左邊 on the left

(jau6-bin1) 右邊 on the right

(hai2 A cin4-min6) 喺A前面 in front of A

(hai2 B zo2-bin1) 喺B右邊 on the right side of B


司機:(nei5-hou2, ngo5 hai6 nei5 ge3 faai3-dik1 si1-gei1. Nei5 hai2 bin1-dou6 aa3?)


Hi, I am your taxi driver. Where are you?


乘客:(nei5-hou2, ngo2 hai2 soeng1-coeng4 ceot1-hau2 cin4-min6)


Hi, I am in front of the exit of the mall.


司機:(hou2, nei5 dang2 ngo5 saam1-fan1-zung1)


Okay, wait for me for 3 minutes.


乘客:(nei5 ce1-paai4 gei2-do1?)


What is your license plate number?


司機:(KV6394. Ngo5 bou6 ce1 hak1-sik1)

KV6394. 我部車黑色。

KV6394. My car is black.


乘客:(m4-goi1 saai3, jat1-zan2 gin3)


Thank you. See you later.

Day 114: Scheduling an appointment in Cantonese

A:(jyu6-joek3) 預約 to make an appointment

(ngo5 soeng2 jyu6-joek3 go3 si4-gaan3 gin3 lei5 ji1-sang1)


I would like to make an appointment (at a certain time) to see Doc. Lee.


(hung1-dong3) 空檔 available slot; gap

(lei5 ji1-sang1 haa6-go3 lai5-baai3 jau5-mou5 hung1-dong3)


Does Doc. Lee have an available slot next Wednesday?


B: (si4-gaan3-biu2) 時間表 schedule

(cyun4-bou6) 全部 all

(lei5 ji1-sang1 haa6-go3 lai5-baai3-saam1 ge3 si4-gaan3-biu2 cyun4-bou6 mun5-saai3)


Doc. Lee’s schdule for next Wednesday is all full.


(zeoi3-faai3) 最快 the fastest; the earliest

(zeoi3-faai3 dou1 jiu3 haa6-go3 lai5-baai3-ng5) 最快都要下個禮拜五。

The earliest (time) is next Friday.


A:(gam2-hou2 laa1, nei5 bong1 ngo5 joek3 haa6-go3 lai5-baai3-ng5 laa1)


Okay fine, please help me to make an appointment for next Friday.


B:(haa6-go3 lai5-baai3-ng5 ngaan3-zau3 saam1-dim2 jau5-mou5 man6-tai4?)


Is next Friday 3pm okay?


A:(mou5-man6-tai4. M4-goi1-saai3)


No problema.Thanks a lot.




Day 111: Finding what you want in a Cantonese supermarket


(bin1-jat1-hong4) 邊一行 which row

(ling4-sik6 hai2 bin1 jat1-hong4?)


Which row has the snacks?


(faa3-zong1-ban2) 化妝品 cosmetics

(faa3-zong1-ban2 hai2 bin1-jat1-hong4?)


Which row has the cosmetics?


(bin1 jat1-zung2 ling4-sik6?)


Which type of snacks?


(syu4-pin2 ding6-hai6 tong2?)


Chips or candies?


(dai6-jat1-hong4) 第1行 the first row

(syu4-pin2 hai2 dai6-cat1-hong4)


Chips are located in the 7th row.


(zo2-bin1) 左邊 on the left side

(jau6-bin1) 右邊 on the right side

(syu4-pin2 hai2 dai6-cat1-hong4 zo2-bin1)


Chips are located on the left side of the 7th row.

Day 112: Picking up your kindergartener from Cantonese school


(zip3) 接 to pick up; to connect

(zip3 fong3-hok6) 接放學 to pick up someone from school

(zip3 fong3-gung1) 接放工 to pick up someone from work


(ngo5 jiu3 heoi3 zip3 neoi4-neoi2 fong3-hok6)


I have to go pick up my little girl from school.


(zip3-zo2 neoi4-neoi2 fong3-hok6 zi1-hau6, ngo5 wui5 daai3 keoi5 heoi3 sik6-je5)


After picking up my little girl, I will bring her to have some food.


(mui5-jat6) 每日 every day

(jan1-wai6 keoi5 mui5-jat6 fong3-hok6 dou1 hou2 tou5-ngo6)


Because she gets hungry every day after school.


(gan-zyu6) 跟住 and then; following by

(gan1-zyu6, ngo5 wui5 heoi3 zip3 ngo5 lou5-po4 fong3-gung1)


Then, I will go pick up my wife from work.


A:(can4-saang1, lei4 zip3 zai4-zai2 fong3-hok6 aa4?)


Hi Mr. Chan, are you here to pick up your little boy from school?

B:(hai6-aa3, m4-hou2-ji3-si3, gam1-jat6 ci4-zo2 siu2-siu2)


Yeah sorry I am a little late today.



Day 109: How to comfort someone in Cantonese


(soeng1-sam1) 傷心 sad

(m4-hou2 gam3 soeng1-sam1 laa1)


Don’t be so sad.


(jau5-si4 di1 je5 hou2 naan4 gong2)


Sometimes it’s just hard to say.


(mou5-si6 ge3, syun4-dou3-kiu4-tau4 zi6-jin4-zik6)


It is all good, everything will be all right.

Lit. when the boat gets to the pier-head it will go straight with the current


(sau4) 愁 anxious

(m4-sai2 sau4, hou2-faai3 zau6 mou5-si6 ge3)


Don’t be anxious, it will be alright soon.


(daam1-sam1) 擔心 to worry

(ngo5 mou5 je5, m4-hou2 daam1-sam2 ngo5)


I am fine, don’t worry about me.

Day 110: Talking to your Airbnb host in Hong Kong


(jit6 seoi2) 热水 hot water

(hoi1 jit6 seoi2) 開熱水to turn hot water on

(ngo hoi1-m4-dou2 jit6 seoi2)


I can’t turn the hot water on.


(ngo5 m4-zi1 dim2 hoi1 jit6 seoi2)


I don’t know how to turn hot water on.


(ngo5 soeng2 man4-haa5 dim2-joeng2 hoi1 jit6 seoi2)


I would like to know how you turn hot water on.


(so2-si4) 鎖匙 key

(ni1-gaan1 fong2 jau5-mou5 so2-si4)


Are there keys for this room?


(bing1-soeng1) 冰箱 fridge

(ngo5 ho2-m4-ho2-ji5 jung6 bing1-soeng1?)


Can I use the fridge?


(sai2-ji1-gei1) 洗衣機 washer

(ho2-m4-ho2-ji5 jung6 sai2-ji1-gei1?)


Can I use the washer?


(fu6-gan6) 附近 nearby

(fu6-gan6 jau5 me1 hou2-waan2?)


What is fun nearby?


(mat6-maa5) 密碼 password

(wifi mat6-maa5 hai6 gei-do1?)


What is the wifi password?