I am (doing)...

我聽緊。(ngo5 teng1 gan2)    I am listening.

我睇緊。(ngo5 tai2 gan2)    I am looking/watching

我訓緊。(ngo5 fan3 gan2)    I am sleeping.

我來緊。(ngo5 lai4 gan2)    I am coming.

我做緊。(ngo5 zou6 gan2)    I am doing (something).

Basic Greeting

你好 (nei5 hou2)!  Hello!

你好嗎 (nei5 hou2 maa3)?  How are you?

你叫咩名 (nei5 giu3 me1 mang2)?  What is your name?

我叫Jade (ngo5 giu3 Jade)。  My name is Jade.

早晨 (zou2 san4)!  Good morning!

早抖 (zou2 tau2)!  Good night!

多謝 (do1 ze6)。  Thank you.

唔使客氣 (ng4 sai2 haak3 hei3)。  You are welcome.

Ordering in a Restaurant

兩位唔該 (loeng5 wai2 ng4 goi1)。  Two people please.

我準備好點嘢食啦 (ngo5 zeon2 bei6 hou2 dim2 je5 sik6 laa6)。  I am ready to order food.

我想要一個...  (ngo5 soeng2 jiu3 jat1 go3)   I would like a...

我想要呢個 (ngo5 soeng2 jiu3 lei1 go3)。  I would like this.

就咁多 (zau6 gam3 do1)。  That's all.

唔該埋單 (ng4 goi1 maai4 daan1)。  Bill please.

好味 (hou2 mei6)!  Delicious!

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    (joek6) 藥 medicine; drug (sik6-joek6) 食藥 to take pills or medicine (mui5-jat6) 每日 every day (mui5-jat6 loeng5-ci3) 每日兩次。 Take it twice a day. (mui5-jat6 n ci3)每日n次。 Take it n time(s) a day. (mui5-ci3 jat1-lap1)每次一粒。 Take one tablet at a time. (mui5-ci3 n lap1)每次n粒。 Take n tablet(s) a day. (mui5-ci3 sap6 hou4-sing1) 每次10毫升。 Take 10 ml […]
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    (toi4) 臺 channel (fei2-ceoi3 toi4) 翡翠臺 Channel TVB (ming4-zyu1 toi4) 明珠臺 Channel TVB Pearl (sap6-saam1 toi4) 13臺 Channel 13 (ngo5 soeng2 tai2 ming4-zyu1-toi4) 我想睇明珠臺。 I want to watch Channel TVB Pearl. (zyun3-toi4) 轉臺 to switch channel (lou5-dau6, ngo5 soeng2 zyun3-toi4) 老豆,我想轉臺。 Dad, I want to switch channel. (hou2-tai2) 好睇 fun to watch; entertaining (ni1-go3 toi4 […]