I am (doing)...

我聽緊。(ngo5 teng1 gan2)    I am listening.

我睇緊。(ngo5 tai2 gan2)    I am looking/watching

我訓緊。(ngo5 fan3 gan2)    I am sleeping.

我來緊。(ngo5 lai4 gan2)    I am coming.

我做緊。(ngo5 zou6 gan2)    I am doing (something).

Basic Greeting

你好 (nei5 hou2)!  Hello!

你好嗎 (nei5 hou2 maa3)?  How are you?

你叫咩名 (nei5 giu3 me1 mang2)?  What is your name?

我叫Jade (ngo5 giu3 Jade)。  My name is Jade.

早晨 (zou2 san4)!  Good morning!

早抖 (zou2 tau2)!  Good night!

多謝 (do1 ze6)。  Thank you.

唔使客氣 (ng4 sai2 haak3 hei3)。  You are welcome.

Ordering in a Restaurant

兩位唔該 (loeng5 wai2 ng4 goi1)。  Two people please.

我準備好點嘢食啦 (ngo5 zeon2 bei6 hou2 dim2 je5 sik6 laa6)。  I am ready to order food.

我想要一個...  (ngo5 soeng2 jiu3 jat1 go3)   I would like a...

我想要呢個 (ngo5 soeng2 jiu3 lei1 go3)。  I would like this.

就咁多 (zau6 gam3 do1)。  That's all.

唔該埋單 (ng4 goi1 maai4 daan1)。  Bill please.

好味 (hou2 mei6)!  Delicious!

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  • Day 80: How to talk to your Cantonese Barber June 18, 2017
    頭髮 (tau4-faat3) hair 剪頭髮 (zin2-tau4-faat3) to have a haircut; literal meaning: to cut hair 我今日剪咗頭髮。(ngo5 gam1-jat6 zin2-zo2 tau4-faat3) I just had a haircut today. 長髮 (coeng4-faat3) long hair 短髮 (dyun2-faat3) short hair 我想剪短髮。(ngo5 soeng2 zin2 dyun2-faat3) I want to have a short haircut. 我想留長髮。(ngo5 soeng2 lau4 coeng4 faat3) I want to keep it long. 直髮 […]
  • Day 79: "Please give me a pound of..." in Cantonese June 18, 2017
    磅 (bong6) pound 一磅雞肉 (jat1-bong6 gai1-juk6) 1 pound of chicken 半磅雞翼 (mun3-bong6 gai1-jik6) half pound of chicken wings 磅半牛肉 (bong6-bun3 ngau4-juk6) 1.5 pounds of beef 磅半叉燒 (bong6-bun3 chaa1-siu1) 1.5 pounds of roast pork 兩磅豬肉 (loeng5-bong6 zyu1-juk6) 2 pounds of pork 兩磅半白菜 (loeng5-bong6 baak5-coi3) 2.5 pounds of bak-choi 唔該,我想要磅半叉燒。 Excuse me, I would like 1.5 pounds […]
  • Day 78: What do you do on Father's Day June 16, 2017
    Happy Father’s Day! 父親 (fu6-can1) father 父親節 (fu6-can1 zit3) Father’s Day 父親節快樂!(fu6-can1 zit3 faai3-lok6) Happy Father’s Day! 洗碗 (sai2-wun2) to do the dishes 煮飯 (zyu2-faan6) to cook 請食飯 (ceng2 sik6-faan6) to treat someone to a meal 有禮物 (jau5 lai5-mat6) to have gifts 我今日洗碗。(ngo5 gam1-jat6 sai2-wun2) I am doing the dishes today. 我今日煮飯。(ngo5 gam1-jat6 zyu2-faan6) I […]
  • Day 77: How to say different dates in Cantonese June 3, 2017
    月 (jyut6) month; moon 1月 (jat jyut6) January 2月 (ji6 jyut6) February … 8月 (baat3 jyut6) August 12月 (sap6-ji6 jyut6) December 號 (hou6) number 6號 (luk6 hou6) the 6th day 17號 (sap-cat1 hou6) the 17th day … 31號 (saam1-sap6-jat1 hou6) the 31st day 7月1號 (cat6 jyut jat1 hou6) 07/01 9月14號 (gau2 jyut9 sap6-sei3 hou6) 09/14 […]
  • Day 75: Seeing a Cantonese Doctor June 3, 2017
    醫生 (ji1 sang1) doctor 李醫生 (lei5 ji1 sang1) Doctor Li 舒服 (syu1 fuk6) comfortable 唔舒服 (m4 syu1 fuk6) to not feel well 我唔舒服。(ngo5 m4 syu1 fuk6) I am not feeling well. 我今日唔舒服。(ngo5 gam1 jat6 m4 syu1 fuk6) I am not feeling well today. 痛 (tung3) pain 頭 (tau4) head 我頭痛。(ngo5 tau4 tung3) I have a […]
  • Day 76: Getting an Iced-coffee at a Chinese Bakery May 13, 2017
    餅屋 (beng2 nguk1) bakery 我鐘意餅屋嘅咖啡。(ngo5 zung1 ji3 beng2 nguk1 ge3 gaa3 fe1) I like the coffee from Chinese bakeries. 我要一杯凍咖啡。(ngo5 jiu3 jat1 bui1 dung3 gaa3 fe1) I want a cup of iced-coffee. 唔要糖。(m4 jiu3 tong4) I don’t want sugar. 要奶。(jiu3 naai5) I want milk (in it). 少冰 (siu2 bing1) light ice; less ice 我要少冰。(ngo5 jiu3 […]
  • Day 74: Happy Mother's Day in Cantonese May 3, 2017
    母親節快樂!Happy mother’s day! (maa4 maa1, mou5 can1 zit3 faai3 lok6) 禮物 (lai5 mat6) gift 咩禮物 (me1 lai5 mat6) what gift 你母親節想要咩禮物?What gift would you like for Mother’s Day? (nei5 mou5 fan1 zit3 soeng2 jiu3 me1 lai5 mat6) 你想唔想要新手袋?Do you want a new handbag? (nei5 soeng2 m4 soeng2 jiu3 san1 sau2 doi2) 照顧 (ziu3 gu3) n. […]
  • Day 73: 7 Reasons Of Why You Are Late in Cantonese April 27, 2017
    點解你遲到? Why are you late? (dim2 gaai2 nei5 ci4 dou3) 我趕唔到巴士。I missed my bus. / I couldn’t catch the bus. (ngo5 gon2 m4 dou2 baa1 si2) 我上唔到巴士。I wasn’t able to get on the bus. (ngo5 soeng5 m4 dou2 baa1 si2) 我趕唔到地鐵。I missed the train. / I couldn’t catch the train. (ngo5 gon2 m4 dou2 dei6 […]
  • Day 72: Cantonese Slang Phrases with Food March 27, 2017
    豆腐 (dau6 fu6) tofu 臭豆腐 (caau3 dau6 fu6) stinky tofu 食豆腐 (sik6 dau6 fu6) to take advantage of a girl 檸檬 (ning4 mung1) lemon 食檸檬 (sik6 ning4 mung1) to get rejected (from a relationship) 我今日食咗檸檬。 I got rejected today. (ngo5 gam1 jat6 sik6 zo2 ning4 mung1) 飯碗 (faan6 wun2) rice bowl; job 鐵飯碗 (tit3 faan6 […]
  • Day 71: Renting Space for a Restaurant March 25, 2017
    Renting space for a restaurant 租 (zou1) to rent 地方 (dei6 fong1) place 我想租呢個地方。(ngo5 seong2 zou1 nei1 go3 dei6 fong1) I want to rent this place. 我想租呢個地方做餐館。I want to rent this place for a restaurant. (ngo5 soeng2 zou1 nei1 go3 dei6 fong1 zou6 caan1 gun2) 租金 (zou1 gam1) rent (amount) 一個月 (jat1 go3 jyut6) one […]