I am (doing)...

我聽緊。(ngo5 teng1 gan2)    I am listening.

我睇緊。(ngo5 tai2 gan2)    I am looking/watching

我訓緊。(ngo5 fan3 gan2)    I am sleeping.

我來緊。(ngo5 lai4 gan2)    I am coming.

我做緊。(ngo5 zou6 gan2)    I am doing (something).

Basic Greeting

你好 (nei5 hou2)!  Hello!

你好嗎 (nei5 hou2 maa3)?  How are you?

你叫咩名 (nei5 giu3 me1 mang2)?  What is your name?

我叫Jade (ngo5 giu3 Jade)。  My name is Jade.

早晨 (zou2 san4)!  Good morning!

早抖 (zou2 tau2)!  Good night!

多謝 (do1 ze6)。  Thank you.

唔使客氣 (ng4 sai2 haak3 hei3)。  You are welcome.

Ordering in a Restaurant

兩位唔該 (loeng5 wai2 ng4 goi1)。  Two people please.

我準備好點嘢食啦 (ngo5 zeon2 bei6 hou2 dim2 je5 sik6 laa6)。  I am ready to order food.

我想要一個...  (ngo5 soeng2 jiu3 jat1 go3)   I would like a...

我想要呢個 (ngo5 soeng2 jiu3 lei1 go3)。  I would like this.

就咁多 (zau6 gam3 do1)。  That's all.

唔該埋單 (ng4 goi1 maai4 daan1)。  Bill please.

好味 (hou2 mei6)!  Delicious!

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    (gau2) 狗 dog (nin4) 年 year (gau2 nin4 daai6 gat1) 狗年大吉!Happy year of dog! (gung1-hei2 faat3-coi4) 恭喜發財! Wish you a happy and prosperous new year! (maan4 si6 sing3 ji3) 萬事勝意 everything is better than expectation (zuk1 nei5 gau2 nin4 daai6-gat1, maan6 si6 sing3 ji3) 祝你狗年大吉,萬事勝意! Wish you a happy year of dog and everything is […]
  • Day 96: “Merry Christmas” in Cantonese December 24, 2017
    聖誕節 (sing3-daan3-zit3) Christmas 平安夜 (ping4-ngon1-je6) Christmas Eve; Silent Night 聖誕節快樂! (sing3-daan3-zit3 faai3-lok6) Merry Christmas! A同B過聖誕 (A tung4 B gwo3 sing3-daan3) A spends time with B on Christmas A同B過平安夜 (A tung4 B gwo3 ping4-ngon1-je6) A spends time with B on Christmas Eve 教堂 (gaau3-tong2) church 通常聖誕節我會去教堂。 (tung1-seong4 sing3-daan3-zit3 ngo5 wui5 heoi3 gaau3-tong2) I usually go to […]
  • Day 95: Giving souvenirs to your Cantonese friends November 19, 2017
    手信 (sau2-seon3) souvenir 禮物 (lai5-mat6) gift 我買咗手信。 (ngo5 maai5-zo2 sau2-seon3) I bought souvenirs. 我買咗手信畀你。 (ngo5 maai5-zo2 sau2-seon3 bei2 nei5) I bought souvenirs for you. 我買咗啲手信畀你。 (ngo5 maai5-zo2 di1 sau2-seon3 bei2 nei5) I bought some souvenirs for you. 我買咗啲零食做手信。 (ngo5 maai5-zo2 di1 ling4-sik6 zou6 sau2-seon3) I bought some snacks for souvenirs. Please like our Facebook page […]
  • Day 94: Can I borrow your...to use? November 9, 2017
    Can I borrow your… to use? 可唔可以… (ho2-m4-ho2-ji5) Can I…? May I…? 用 (jung6) to use 我可唔可以用你嘅手機? (ngo5 ho2-m4-ho2-ji5 jung6 nei5-ge3 sau2-gei1?) Can I use your cellphone? 借 (ze3) to borrow 借 (ze3)…用 (jung6) to borrow…to use 我可唔可以借你嘅手機用? (ngo5 ho2-m4-ho2-ji5 ze3 nei5-ge3 sau2-gei1 jung6?) Can I borrow your cellphone to use? 我可唔可以借你嘅耳機用? (ngo5 ho2-m4-ho2-ji5 ze3 […]
  • Day 93: Happy Mid-autumn Festival October 5, 2017
    中秋節 (zung1-cau1-zit3) Mid-autumn Festival 中秋節快樂! (zung1-cau1-zit3 faai3-lok6) Happy Mid-autumn Festival! 月餅 (jyut6-beng2) mooncake 蓮蓉月餅 (lin4-jung4 jyut6-beng2) lotus seed paste mooncake 八月十五 (baat3-jyut6-sap6-ng5) 15th day of the 8th month 中秋節係農曆八月十五。 (zung1-cau1-zit3 hai6 nung4-lik6 baat3-jyu6-sap6-ng5) Mid-autumn festival is the 15th day of the 8th month of the lunar calendar. Please like our Facebook page here: https://www.facebook.com/inspirlang/ Inspirlang.com
  • Day 92: Ranting in Cantonese September 8, 2017
    煩 (faan4) to annoy; annoyed; annoying 我好煩。 (ngo5 hou2 faan4) I am very annoyed. 壓力 (aat3-lik6) stress 我有好大壓力。 (ngo5 jau5 hou2-daai6 aat3-lik6) I am very stressed out. 我翻工有好大壓力。 (ngo5 faan1-gung1 jau5 hou2-daai6 aat3-lik6) My job is very stressful. 我翻工有好多嘢做。 (ngo5 faan1-gung1 jau5 hou2-do1 je5 zou6) I have a lot of things to do at work. […]
  • Day 91: Six Tones in Cantonese September 4, 2017
    aa1 aa2 aa3 aa4 aa5 aa6 maa1 maa2 maa3 maa4 maa5 maa6 bei1 bei2 bei3 bei4 bei5 bei6 to1 to2 to3 to4 to5 to6 dou1 dou2 dou3 dou4 dou5 dou6 cing1 cing2 cing3 cing4 cing5 cing6
  • Day 90: Ask out your crush in Cantonese September 3, 2017
    我鐘意你。 (ngo5 zung1-ji3 nei5) I like you. 我好鐘意你。 (ngo5 hou2 zung1-ji3 nei5) I really like you. 女朋友 girlfriend (neoi5-pang4-jau5) 男朋友 boyfriend (naam4-pang4-jau5) 你可唔可以做我女朋友? (nei5 ho2-m4-ho2-ji5 zou6 ngo5 neoi5-pang4-jau5?) Will you be my girlfriend? 我鐘意你… (ngo5 zung1-ji5 nei5…) I like that you are… 我鐘意你好搞笑。 (ngo5 zung1-ji3 nei5 hou2 gaau2-siu3) I like that you are very funny. […]
  • Day 89: Getting around in the airport August 22, 2017
    你係唔係去…噶? (nei5 hai6-m4-hai6 heoi3…gaa3) Are you going to…? 你哋係唔係去廣州噶? (nei5-dei6 hai6-m4-hai6 heoi3 gwong2-zau1 gaa3) Are you going to Guangzhou? 排队 (paai4-deoi2) to wait in line 排緊隊 (paai4-gan2-deoi2) waiting in line 你哋係唔係排緊隊去廣州噶? (nei5-dei6 hai6-m4-hai6 paai4-gan2-deoi2 heoi3 gwong2-zau1 gaa3) Are you waiting in line to go to Guangzhou? 車飛 (ce1 fei1) train/bus ticket 機票 (gei1 piu3) flight […]
  • Day 88: Doing grocery shopping in Cantonese August 14, 2017
    餸 (sung3) dish; cooked food 買餸 (maai5 sung3) doing grocery shopping 一陣 (jat1-zan2) later 我一陣去買餸。 (ngo5 jat1-zan2 heoi3 maai5-sung3) I will go do grocery shopping later. 你今日想食咩餸? (nei5 gam1-jat6 soeng2 sik6 me1 sung3) What dish do you want to eat today? 新鮮 (san1-sin1) fresh 今日啲菜好新鮮。 (gam1-jat6 di1 coi3 hou2 san1-sin1) The vegetable today is very […]