I am (doing)...

我聽緊。(ngo5 teng1 gan2)    I am listening.

我睇緊。(ngo5 tai2 gan2)    I am looking/watching

我訓緊。(ngo5 fan3 gan2)    I am sleeping.

我來緊。(ngo5 lai4 gan2)    I am coming.

我做緊。(ngo5 zou6 gan2)    I am doing (something).

Basic Greeting

你好 (nei5 hou2)!  Hello!

你好嗎 (nei5 hou2 maa3)?  How are you?

你叫咩名 (nei5 giu3 me1 mang2)?  What is your name?

我叫Jade (ngo5 giu3 Jade)。  My name is Jade.

早晨 (zou2 san4)!  Good morning!

早抖 (zou2 tau2)!  Good night!

多謝 (do1 ze6)。  Thank you.

唔使客氣 (ng4 sai2 haak3 hei3)。  You are welcome.

Ordering in a Restaurant

兩位唔該 (loeng5 wai2 ng4 goi1)。  Two people please.

我準備好點嘢食啦 (ngo5 zeon2 bei6 hou2 dim2 je5 sik6 laa6)。  I am ready to order food.

我想要一個...  (ngo5 soeng2 jiu3 jat1 go3)   I would like a...

我想要呢個 (ngo5 soeng2 jiu3 lei1 go3)。  I would like this.

就咁多 (zau6 gam3 do1)。  That's all.

唔該埋單 (ng4 goi1 maai4 daan1)。  Bill please.

好味 (hou2 mei6)!  Delicious!

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  • Day 88: Doing grocery shopping in Cantonese August 14, 2017
    餸 (sung3) dish; cooked food 買餸 (maai5 sung3) doing grocery shopping 一陣 (jat1-zan2) later 我一陣去買餸。 (ngo5 jat1-zan2 heoi3 maai5-sung3) I will go do grocery shopping later. 你今日想食咩餸? (nei5 gam1-jat6 soeng2 sik6 me1 sung3) What dish do you want to eat today? 新鮮 (san1-sin1) fresh 今日啲菜好新鮮。 (gam1-jat6 di1 coi3 hou2 san1-sin1) The vegetable today is very […]
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    餅屋 (beng2-uk1) / 餅鋪 (beng2-pou2) bakery A:餅屋有咩包? (beng2-uk1 jau5 me1 baau1) What buns are there in the bakery? 菠蘿包 (bo1-lo4 baau1) pineapple bun 糯米糍 (no6-mai5-ci4) mochi with coconut powder 腸仔包 (coeng2-zai2 baau1) hot dog bun 粟米包 (suk1-mai2 baau1) corn bun 三文治 (saam1-man4-zi6) sandwich 火腿蛋包 (fo2-teoi2-daan2 baau1) ham and egg bun 方包 (fong1-baau1) sandwich bread 肉鬆包 […]
  • Day 86: Mailing a package at the post office July 25, 2017
    郵局 (jau4-guk2) post office 包裹 (baau1-gwo2) package 寄 (gei3) to mail A:唔該,我想寄呢個包裹。 (m4-goi1, ngo5 soeng2 gei3 nei1-go3 baau1-gwo2) Excuse me, I would like to mail this package. B:寄去邊度噶? (gei3 heoi3 bin1-dou6 gaa3) Where are you mailing it to? A:寄去羅省。 (gei3 heoi3 lo4-saang2) To L.A. B:裡面有啲咩? (leoi5-min6 jau5 di1 me1) What does it have inside? A:全部都係禮物。 […]
  • Day 84: "Or" in a statement vs. in a question July 18, 2017
    To stay or to go? 定係 (ding6-hai6) or (in a question) A:喺度食定係帶走? (hai2-dou6 sik6 ding6-hai6 daai3 zau2) To eat in here or to go? B:喺度食。唔該幾錢? (hai2-dou6 sik6. m4-goi1 gei2-cin2) Eating in here. How much is it please? A:$7.5. (cat1-go3-bun3) 或者 (waak6-ze2) or (in a statement) A:你想食咩? (nei5 soeng2 sik6 me1) What would you like to […]
  • Day 83: "What do you like to do during summer vacation" in Cantonese July 6, 2017
    暑假 (syu2-gaa3) summer vacation 暑假你鐘意做咩? (syu2-gaa3 nei5 zung1-ji3 zou6 me1) What do you like to do during summer vacation 曬太阳 (saai3 taai3-joeng4) sunbath 我鐘意曬太陽。 (ngo5 zung1-ji3 saai3 taai3-joeng4) I like to go sunbathing. 沙灘 (saa1-taan1) beach 我鐘意去沙灘曬太陽。 (ngo5 zung1-ji3 heoi3 saa1-taan1 saai3 taai3-joeng4) I like to go sunbathing on the beach. 減肥 (gaam2-fei4) to lose […]
  • Day 82: The use of “so” in Cantonese July 5, 2017
    所以 (so2-ji5) so/therefore 我鐘意食薯片,所以我買咗好多薯片。 (ngo5 zung1-ji3 sik6 syu4-pin2, so2-ji5 ngo5 maai5-zo2 hou2-do1 syu4-pin2) I like potato chips, therefore/so I bought a lot of them. 我鐘意你,所以我都鐘意你只狗。 (ngo5 zung1-ji3 nei5, so2-ji5 ngo5 dou1 zung1-ji3 nei5 zek3 gau2) I like you, therefore I like your dog as well. 咁 (gam2) so (compare and contrast) 你唔鐘意食薯片,咁你鐘意食咩? (nei5 m4 zung1-ji3 […]
  • Day 80: How to talk to your Cantonese Barber June 18, 2017
    頭髮 (tau4-faat3) hair 剪頭髮 (zin2-tau4-faat3) to have a haircut; literal meaning: to cut hair 我今日剪咗頭髮。(ngo5 gam1-jat6 zin2-zo2 tau4-faat3) I just had a haircut today. 長髮 (coeng4-faat3) long hair 短髮 (dyun2-faat3) short hair 我想剪短髮。(ngo5 soeng2 zin2 dyun2-faat3) I want to have a short haircut. 我想留長髮。(ngo5 soeng2 lau4 coeng4 faat3) I want to keep it long. 直髮 […]
  • Day 79: "Please give me a pound of..." in Cantonese June 18, 2017
    磅 (bong6) pound 一磅雞肉 (jat1-bong6 gai1-juk6) 1 pound of chicken 半磅雞翼 (mun3-bong6 gai1-jik6) half pound of chicken wings 磅半牛肉 (bong6-bun3 ngau4-juk6) 1.5 pounds of beef 磅半叉燒 (bong6-bun3 chaa1-siu1) 1.5 pounds of roast pork 兩磅豬肉 (loeng5-bong6 zyu1-juk6) 2 pounds of pork 兩磅半白菜 (loeng5-bong6 baak5-coi3) 2.5 pounds of bak-choi 唔該,我想要磅半叉燒。 Excuse me, I would like 1.5 pounds […]
  • Day 78: What do you do on Father's Day June 16, 2017
    Happy Father’s Day! 父親 (fu6-can1) father 父親節 (fu6-can1 zit3) Father’s Day 父親節快樂!(fu6-can1 zit3 faai3-lok6) Happy Father’s Day! 洗碗 (sai2-wun2) to do the dishes 煮飯 (zyu2-faan6) to cook 請食飯 (ceng2 sik6-faan6) to treat someone to a meal 有禮物 (jau5 lai5-mat6) to have gifts 我今日洗碗。(ngo5 gam1-jat6 sai2-wun2) I am doing the dishes today. 我今日煮飯。(ngo5 gam1-jat6 zyu2-faan6) I […]