We love learning through fun activities.

Our passion is listening to students' needs of learning and customizing each lesson to make learning a fun experience. Most Importantly, we make learning spontaneous.

We offer lessons in:


We offer both one-on-one and group Cantonese lessons in New York City. Free podcast episodes Learn Cantonese Daily are also available on iTunes podcast. Click here to pre-order our Cantonese textbook releasing in November 2017.


Our teachers have conducted and taught the Mandarin Program for Parents at PS20-the Anna Silver School, The Bronx High School of Science, and New Utrecht High School. We are continuously providing quality language lessons to our students. 


We invented our own tonal transcription, Wu's Tonal system, to teach Taishanese. With this consolidated tonal system and interacted lessons, InspirLang provides a complete package for our students to master everyday spoken Taishanese.

You will love the way we teach, why?

Each lesson is customized for your own needs so that it is unique and enjoyable.

Hear what our students say about learning with us.

We use task-based language learning (TBLT) instead of the traditional method for students to acquire the language authentically. We also provide complete follow-ups including an audio and revised script to each student.

Our private lessons allow each student to enjoy the first lesson with only $25. Cancellation is free if cancelled 6 hours before the scheduled lesson.

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So how does it work?

Easy Scheduling
Lessons takes place at open cafes in midtown Manhattan. Click here to pick a time and schedule.

Be Present
Follow the schedule and show up on time. Most importantly, be inspired.
You will only have to pay after the lesson is conducted. A PayPal invoice will be sent to your mailbox afterward.

I thoroughly enjoyed my lessons with Katherine, and I felt that I improved a lot in a short time. The lessons were personalized, engaging, and fun. Highly recommended!

Patrick Y.

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